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I talk about fitness, business and personal development. My outcome is for my free content to be better than the best paid content on any fitness website. Why…

Because when you decide to work with me, you know what your getting is the best.

I’ve spent years perfecting my craft, around the best in the industry, and although I’m not very good at a lot of things, I’m exceptional at studying successful people, modelling their systems and making them even better for other people. I mainly do this through 90 DAY CHALLENGES.

Most people when deciding to work or buy something from someone will often ask themselves three main questions:

  1. Has this person done it themselves?
  2. Have they had the results with other people 
  3. Will it work for me?

Now what’s interesting about the last thing is this. I believe in RIA (results in advance). This is a fancy term used by marketers to “future pace”, show a person the end result before achieving it, and provide trust to people. This is usually through free high valued content. Put simply, solving people problems and more importantly as fast as possible.

Here’s the deal. You see the “FREE EDUCATION ZONE” on the left hand side of this page, it has all of my best fat loss, nutrition and training content. And guess what? It’s all FREE!

Transparency is key. I want you to get results before we ever work together, for this reasons:

I expect excellence from every single client as they expect excellence from me. 

There will be some of you (person A) which will take everything from this free content and never come back, and I’m pleased to have given you value. There will be another group of you (person B) which will find me annoying, not right for you or for whatever reason you prefer something else, which is absolutely fine, thanks for at least saying hello.

Finally there will be the remaining individuals who will start to see results from this content and realise that this stuff works. You have taken free content which others pay for, implemented it and more importantly executed and seen results, and come back to take things to the next level with my business.

A great example of this is my entire documentation of my journey of competing to the stage (90 DAY STAGE), where in 90 days I go from zero experience to competing in two of the biggest physique shows in the UK, Miami Pro and WBFF. My ‘WHY” and reason behind this? To map and document exactly what it takes so that you can have my blue print. For FREE. If you want to compete, or intrigued by taking your fitness from enthusiastic gym goer to the next level, then look no further. My diet, training (70 sessions recorded), weekly video blogs, all for FREE.

It’s worth noting I run a business. I have rent to pay and I like to take my girlfriend to dinner at the weekend. I’m a real person. Most “fitness personalities” with 10 Billion instagram followers have a marketing company (they mostly all use the same one) and will provide you with their daily “success comes from hard work” quotes which is lovely, but not the value I agree with. I run my accounts, I don’t outsource my diet builds to nutritionists half way around the world, I’m a real trainer, training real people, everyday.

Enjoy the free content. Know that my outcome is to install trust and honesty, and I truly give away what many membership fitness sites keep behind a ‘paid-wall’, for FREE. If you don’t believe me, pay for a bunch and see for yourself.

There will only be a few of you who truly understand the value and my approach here, which is more than likely you, as the A and B guys left after paragraph three.

As you’ve made it this far, i’d like to ask you two questions:

  1. What is your single biggest fitness challenge across anything from fat loss, nutrition or training?
  2. What do you want to know more about?Finally let me ask you, if you could change the way you think about fitness, change the way you think about your nutrition, and as a result improve very quickly, would that be something you’d be willing to commit to? If the answer is yes, then welcome and let’s get started on how successfully transformed clients think differently and how you can think differently as well.

I encourage you to leave me a comment below, as I answer every single comment, and if I don’t come back to you, then become person A or B.

Enjoy the FREE content.

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In addition to my articles, I also use this website to share the lessons I’ve learned from my own life experiences. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far.

I study successful people across a wide range of disciplines — entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes, and more — to uncover the habits and routines that make these people the best at what they do. Then, I share what I learn in my popular email newsletter.