A few personal trainers have asked me how I built My DNA Coach, and run it all remotely from my laptop. Well it was a 3 year journey, which started with transforming my mind first. I’ll be real. It was brutal, but a life changing journey which is still unfolding.

I documented my entire journey for 12 months moving from what I’ve termed the traditional to digital in the final year leaving the traditional 9-5 behind. It has been a trans-digital revolution, which has seen me go from 60hrs weeks working as a tired burned out PT in London, to a 100% remote based business I run from anywhere in the world form my laptop.

In this 4 part series you’ll discover the reality of what it took to leave the rat race behind and follow my dreams. For any personal trainers or coaches out there that are struggling in their business and feel trapped, know that the reality you are experiencing right now is from the decisions you have made up until this point, and you can decide now to create a brand new future self! It just takes the correct strategy, mentors and courage.

“A decision is made in the click of your fingers. Decide enough is enough” – Tony Robbins